A few days after the conclusion of the 60th Genoa Boat Show, the world of boating has moved to Bologna, where even here interesting innovations are exposed. The electric jet DeepSpeed that had already had great success in Genoa alongside two important names in the Italian shipbuilding industry – Scanner Marine and Amer Yachts – left for the Bologna Boat Show.
Alongside Scanner Marine shipyard it is now possible to observe the revolutionary propulsion of SEALENCE with an additional novelty: the electric jet is accompanied by a quick charging column developed with the technological collaboration of Driwe, a company specialized in green energy supply systems.

William Gobbo – startup’s Ceo – brings the audience to the future

SEALENCE was born to redefine our relationship with the sea, thinking to navigation that is more respectful of this immense ecosystem now attacked by multiple fronts. More sustainable mobility means a better level of well-being for the whole of humanity because we must not forget that our oceans absorb a large part of CO2. Preserving the health of the marine ecosystem, therefore, means preserving not only our health but our very survival

They may sound like overblown statements, but on the other hand, similar messages are coming from the non-profit organization The Sapling Foundation – the owner of the TED Global Conferences – which recently launched the Countdown project. This must be interpreted as a clear signal that something in the world is changing, and SEALENCE technology is part of this change.

Luca Secco, DriWe Ceo explains how this collaboration was born

The message of SEALENCE is strong and could not leave DriWe indifferent, which has always provided technological systems for electric mobility. It seemed natural to us to make available to this mission the technological baggage of which we are equipped