As part of the extensive program of the Sardinia Nautical Fair, our president, William Gobbo, participated in an engaging talk on the new university training offer: “Research & Innovation in the Nautical/Naval Sector” – the new Naval Engineering course by CREA UniCa – University of Cagliari.
The discussion focused on industrial and employment growth opportunities, particularly aimed at enhancing the territory of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.
Regarding post-graduate career opportunities, our CEO shared insights from the perspective of not only an innovative startup but also a B Corp and ESG company. He highlighted our ongoing commitment to providing educational and career pathways to develop our talents, in line with the social and governance issues we have pledged to address.
During the event, we were honored to receive special recognition through our founding president, William Gobbo, from the company Resailor. They awarded special honors to individuals and companies that have distinguished themselves through their actions or products in caring for the environment.