3)Does the investment give the right to accrue the tax benefits?

Yes, it is a benefit that Italian taxpayers residing abroad can also enjoy. Individuals can deduct from the gross tax an amount equal to 30% of the
the investment made, while companies are entitled to a 30% deduction from the taxable amount.
The “Decreto Rilancio” of May 2020 then introduced (as an alternative to the 30% personal income tax deduction) an additional incentive to invest in startups. For contributions of up to one hundred thousand euros, investors can benefit from an IRPEF deduction equal to 50% of the investment, maintaining
this investment for a minimum of three years.
However, it should be noted that the confirmation for tax relief is subject to the publication of the Implementing Decree, which is expected shortly. Therefore, in the meantime, the rate at 30% remains confirmed to date.