Our innovation

We’ll spend less to arrive before, and water is the only trace we’ll leave.

Our main innovation is about the development of the most efficient naval propulsion that has ever been imagined.

Our competitive advantage lies in having conceived fluid dynamic innovations that led us to design a propulsion that didn’t exist before: our jets DeepSpeed.

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Air and water quality

Energy transition

Sustainable navigation

The innovation proposed by SEALENCE has a broader purpose of making the owner live a new experiential relationship with the boat and the sea.


Direct current diesel generator. Proprietary system able to guarantee high efficiency and low noise, ideal for long journeys

Battery Pack

High voltage and high specific power battery pack

Smart box

Control system, power flow management and safety systems

Dashboard & Smart controls

Advanced management system of DeepSpeed technology with simple and intuitive control interfaces

Jet DeepSpeed

The first high speed and high efficiency electric outboard hydro-jet


Our innovation doesn’t concern only the engines, it also encompasses the entire control ecosystem. Our Platform is the complete control system, which is not only limited to controlling jets but also to ensuring a high-level user-experience, with a strong system intelligence able to vary different control modes, ensure plant safety, maintain maximum efficiency and manage redundancy of components.

Propulsion system

We want to propose dock charging systems based on the electricity self-production, but also a dashboard that is no longer simply a system for displaying engine or navigation data, but becomes an interface capable of relating the Captain’s needs with the onboard intelligence of the DeepSpeed technology.