Ceo and startup founder Board of Directors’ President. As Project Manager, he has managed numerous projects of national and international importance for the main Italian industrial and banking groups (FCA Fiat Chrisler Automobiles s.p.a., B-Source S.A., Banca Popolare di Sondrio s.p.a., Banca Popolare di Milano s.p.a., WeBank s.p.a., Nexen s.p.a., Engineering Ingegneria Informatica s.p.a.)
Scientific Supervision Fluid Dynamics Optimization and co-author of the DeepSpeed patents. Professor at the University of Padua at the Faculty of Engineering, specialist in the design of jet aircraft and marine hydro jets. Member of the prestigious «Club 2%» which includes 2% of the most cited Scientists in the world.
Lawyer engaged for over 25 years in innovation and new technologies. President of: Italian Equity Crowdfunding Association, Scientific Committee of AssoFintech, Entopan Innovation. He is one of the best-known alternative finance experts in the world.
Chartered accountant specializing in consulting to companies in crisis thanks to the more than twenty years’ experience gained within several assignments for a dozen of Italian courts.
President and founder of Robilant Associati, the first company of Brand Advisory and Strategic Design of the Italian market internationally recognized that has designed, renovated, and edited some of the most famous brands in Italy.
For over 30 years a reference point on telecommunications and ICT. Founder of Reseau and then head of strategies of the Telecom Italia group. He founded the consulting firm Between, later acquired by E&Y
Lawyer, He has been active in the energy sector (electricity and gas) for over 20 years and has also served as a Director in companies in the electricity sector of Eni and Edison. He has written and worked in commercial arbitration since his law degree at LUISS.
Closure 31st October 2021
or until the goal of 7M€ is achieved
(equity / quasi equity / debit)

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