Ceo and startup founder Board of Directors’ President. As Project Manager, he has managed numerous projects of national and international importance for the main Italian industrial and banking groups (FCA Fiat Chrisler Automobiles s.p.a., B-Source S.A., Banca Popolare di Sondrio s.p.a., Banca Popolare di Milano s.p.a., WeBank s.p.a., Nexen s.p.a., Engineering Ingegneria Informatica s.p.a.)
Scientific Supervision Fluid Dynamics Optimization and co-author of the DeepSpeed patents. Professor at the University of Padua at the Faculty of Engineering, specialist in the design of jet aircraft and marine hydro jets. Member of the prestigious «Club 2%» which includes 2% of the most cited Scientists in the world.
Lawyer engaged for over 25 years in innovation and new technologies. President of: Italian Equity Crowdfunding Association, Scientific Committee of AssoFintech, Entopan Innovation. He is one of the best-known alternative finance experts in the world.
Chartered accountant specializing in consulting to companies in crisis thanks to the more than twenty years’ experience gained within several assignments for a dozen of Italian courts.
President and founder of Robilant Associati, the first company of Brand Advisory and Strategic Design of the Italian market internationally recognized that has designed, renovated, and edited some of the most famous brands in Italy.
For over 30 years a reference point on telecommunications and ICT. Founder of Reseau and then head of strategies of the Telecom Italia group. He founded the consulting firm Between, later acquired by E&Y
Lawyer, He has been active in the energy sector (electricity and gas) for over 20 years and has also served as a Director in companies in the electricity sector of Eni and Edison. He has written and worked in commercial arbitration since his law degree at LUISS.
Closure 31st October 2021
or until the goal is reached

FAQs Investors

  • 1) What is the minimum investment amount?

    The minimum investment was set for the subscription of 1.000 shares
    corresponding to € 2.820,00

  • 2) Why can't I invest a round figure like 10.000 euros?

    Normally, in LTD the amount to invest is indicated and later divided into shares, which can be split-up.
    Sealence recently transformed into S.P.A. or Joint Stock Company and the rules are therefore slightly different.
    In S.p.A. shares are bought, which by their nature cannot be split. So, you can buy from a minimum lot of 1.000 shares and then go up from 100 to 100. Since
    the share price is € 2,82, which gives rise to investment cuts that are always multiples of € 282.00.

  • 3)Does the investment give the right to accrue the tax benefits?

    Yes, it is a benefit that Italian taxpayers residing abroad can also enjoy. Individuals can deduct from the gross tax an amount equal to 30% of the
    the investment made, while companies are entitled to a 30% deduction from the taxable amount.
    The “Decreto Rilancio” of May 2020 then introduced (as an alternative to the 30% personal income tax deduction) an additional incentive to invest in startups. For contributions of up to one hundred thousand euros, investors can benefit from an IRPEF deduction equal to 50% of the investment, maintaining
    this investment for a minimum of three years.
    However, it should be noted that the confirmation for tax relief is subject to the publication of the Implementing Decree, which is expected shortly. Therefore, in the meantime, the rate at 30% remains confirmed to date.

  • 4) Is it possible to invest from abroad?

    Yes: if you are a private investor, you must have an Italian tax code that can be issued by the Italian consulate or embassy in a foreign country. For information
    and to receive the documents for the issue of the Italian tax code, write to

    In the case of a foreign company, the VAT number is sufficient

  • 5) What is the difference between A, B, and C shares?

    The “A” Shares are those assigned to the founding shareholders, have equity rights, voting rights, and pre-emption on distributable profits of 10%. They have
    not been awarded for years. The “B” Shares, which can be subscribed for investments equal to or over €20.022 – corresponding to 7.100 shares – are like the “A” ones that provide for all property rights and the right to vote, without pre-emption on profits.
    The “C” Shares, which can be subscribed for investments of less than € 20.022, have all the property rights but do not have the non-voting rights.

  • 6) When can I sell the shares?

    At the moment the company is not listed on the stock exchange, an exchange of shares, therefore, derives from a personal initiative between private citizens,
    and the price is determined between those who sell and those who buy. In the case of listing on a regulated market, however, the shares can be freely
    exchanged on the stock exchange.

  • 7) I already had shares in the LTD, what happens if I buy shares now?

    The shares of the LTD have all been transformed into shares, so you have now become a shareholder of the SPA, so you benefit from greater transparency in
    management than a simple LTD. If you buy more shares, they simply stack up and you will then see their number increase.

  • 8) How was the evaluation of the startup set?

    It was decided to proceed with a process inspired by world best practices. The industrial plan was drawn up by the company Thymos Consulting of Milan,
    a company that collaborates with Borsa Italiana in the preparation of industrial plans of companies listed in the AIM segment.
    This industrial plan was then sent to the company LDP Consulting of Milan specialized, among other things, in appraisals, which carried out an
    independent assessment activity by Dr. Monica Di Oronzo, Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, who examined:

    • the current company situation, team, patents, state of technological and
      project maturity
    •  the market in which it operates and the expected growth dynamics,
    •  the industrial plan, comparing it independently with market research
      and analysis regarding the nautical sector
    •  the accounting results of the company both of an economic and
      financial nature
    • the accounting results of the main competitors and their financial
      The entire process involved over 6 months of work and the value that emerged from the appraisal was taken as the basis for calculating the issue price of the
      new shares. The report of Dr. Monica di Oronzo was sworn and certified on 24/11/2020 at the Notary’s College of Milan, before the Notary Filippo Laurini

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    The technical and commercial information contained in this document is the confidential and exclusive property of SEALENCE S.p.A. and therefore absolutely
    confidential, reserved to the recipient of the document, who expressed an interest in considering an early-stage investment. The proposed technical solutions are to be considered in the hypothesis and analysis phase, as the technical experimentation activities are still in progress, with a consequent and a substantial risk that substantial changes may have to be made.
    Consequently, financial statements are also purely hypothetical and may be influenced by multiple factors. Investment in a company at this level of evolution should therefore be considered to be at high risk. In addition, investment in non-listed companies is highly illiquid, making it difficult to find a potential buyer of a minority interest. It is, therefore, necessary to approach with extreme caution the hypothesis of early-stage investment, limiting it to an adequate portion of its availability. It is also suggested using the support of advisors that can assist the investor in decisions on the possible investment and its size.