During this period, we have greatly appreciated the essential support from the members of this prestigious university, making our small contribution by funding scholarships, research projects, and doctorates focused on innovation. This year, the collaboration is evolving to focus on the optimization of our Deepspeed Jets, through an initiative titled “Experimental Characterization and Multi-Objective Optimization of Dynamic Intakes for Green Marine Jet Propulsion.”
Professor Ernesto Benini has been entrusted with the scientific coordination on behalf of the Department of Industrial Engineering. The project is co-funded by the University of Padua thanks to the “Unimpresa 2022” call for funding joint research projects between businesses and universities, aimed at innovation and the economic and social development of the region.
It is always an honor to collaborate with Professor Ernesto Benini and the University of Padua. Thanks to this entirely Italian cooperation, SEALENCE can proudly be an excellence in the world of sustainable marine propulsion.