Investor Relations

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The technical and commercial information contained in this document is the confidential and exclusive property of SEALENCE S.p.A.-S.B. and therefore absolutely
confidential, reserved to the recipient of the document, who expressed an interest in considering an early-stage investment. The proposed technical solutions are to be considered in the hypothesis and analysis phase, as the technical experimentation activities are still in progress, with a consequent and a substantial risk that substantial changes may have to be made.
Consequently, financial statements are also purely hypothetical and may be influenced by multiple factors. Investment in a company at this level of evolution should therefore be considered to be at high risk. In addition, investment in non-listed companies is highly illiquid, making it difficult to find a potential buyer of a minority interest. It is, therefore, necessary to approach with extreme caution the hypothesis of early-stage investment, limiting it to an adequate portion of its availability. It is also suggested using the support of advisors that can assist the investor in decisions on the possible investment and its size.